Who are we?

University of Bath

We are a group of university students set out to ‘Engage the Public in Chemistry Research’. What this means is that we want to interact with as many people possible to try and spark an interest in chemistry. This is being done by delivering fun activities at different events and schools. We aim to showcase our chosen research and promote the benefits of chemistry. A result of this could be inspiring future scientists including Undergraduate Chemists!

Through this website, we hope to make you more aware of how fluorescence works by ensuring we communicate the science effectively.  Then, we will explain a monumental use of this fluorescence through Toby Jenkins’ incredible research on ‘smart wounds’.

Find out more about studying Chemistry at The University of Bath here www.bath.ac.uk/

Our team:


Stem Cadets

Through partnering with STEM CADETS, we have been able to take Toby Jenkins’ research and the principle of fluorescence into schools.

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